Ralph Cacciurri


I’m not going to go into any long explanation of why I do this, but I love it.  I can’t pick up any instrument and play it but I can always pick apart a song and dissect it.

Ryan Boesch got me into recording, so after we finished school we headed to Los Angeles.  There he already had a job at the studio (Hollywood Sound) and they hired me.  About 2 months in they needed me to Second Engineer on a Slayer session with Rick Rubin producing and D Sardy Engineering.  I was super nervous but prepared.  I’ll never forget them telling me that I was doing a great job and then telling them it was my first day assisting.  That was the start of it all.

I perfected my craft assisting some great engineers on every genre of music. Los Angeles slowed down so I tried out Atlanta and instantly fell in love with the city and music scene.  Small close knit community of people but primetime for big artists.  Doppler Studios hired me as an assistant and I got to record every genre of music.  Fast forward to now and 4 Grammy’s later (Alicia Keys, Outkast, TD Jakes, and Donnie McClurkin) and I still feel the same about every record I do!

Budgets changed in the industry and with Ryan still in Los Angeles, we talked about finally getting our own place here in Atlanta.  We envisioned a comfortable place with a huge sound filled with the best gear and engineers in town.  I have no problem recording and mixing anything.  They call me the Swiss Army Knife of Engineering! Anyway, jokes aside, I love what I do and I put everything into every record I make. I don’t charge too much and I work with budgets but if you come to me saying “Mix this for free and we will let you do the whole album” or “I’ll get you back when we get signed”… It’s not a good start.