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Studios & Gear

Studio A

Studio A is the largest of the three rooms and offers a great size control room with amazing gear for recording, mixing & producing.  With Barefoot speakers, Burl/Apogee converters and Antelope word clocking any artist or producer will be more than happy with the precise recordings and final mixes you get from this room.

Along with a manageable tracking room and an iso booth comes a mic locker boasting such names as Telefunken, Neumann, Royer, AKG, Sennheiser, Shure and more. Studio A’s premiere vocal microphone is the Telefunken 251. Arguably one of the most beautiful vocal microphones ever produced. Once you try it you won’t want anything else.

And don’t be fooled by the room size, Drums sound killer in here! Along with the microphones Studio A offers a wide variety of mic preamps and outboard gear from Neve, API, Chandler, Manley, Tube Tech, GML, Universal Audio & Empirical Labs to assist in capturing your performances. Checkout the gear list for details.

With an acoustically treated listening environment and amazing gear Studio A is also the ideal room for mixing. The sonic accuracy and ease of workflow with hybrid mixing through the SPL MixDream Summing Mixer is a game changer. Get that big analog console sound while still using your DAW automation and plug-ins with the convenience of printing instant stems.

Studio A Closeup

Studio B

Studio B is a small comfortable production room with an iso booth that is perfect for tracking vocals and other overdubs. The Neve/API recording chain with our Soundelux U99 tube microphone is the perfect combination for capturing clean performances in this tight acoustically treated room. Studio B also is a great room for editing and mixing with the Apollo 16 interface and UAD plug-ins. Just like in Studio A you can spread your mixes out through the SPL MixDream and engage the Manley Variable “MU” compressor across the master insert and get that smooth analog console sound. Both studios A & B hardware and software setups are compatible with each other if you would like to go back and forth between the two rooms or use both at the same time.

Studio C

Studio C is a plug and play room for laptop producers and artists. Just bring your computer and plug into our Apollo Twin loaded with plug-ins and you’re hooked into our system and ready to create without distractions. With a pair of NS10’s and JBL speakers along with a sub, this room is an awesome private songwriting and beat making room. With instruments, hardware synths and vocals setup in the control room your workflow will thrive and you’ll be able to capture every moment of inspiration you get with ease.  Artists loves how comfortable and intimate this room is without the big studio pressure.

Studio C