Studio Equipment

Studio A

Studio A is the largest of the three rooms and offers a great size control room with amazing gear for recording, mixing, & producing music. Studio A also has a tracking room and iso booth and can be wired to any other room in the building. Don’t be fooled by the size, drums sound killer in here! All three rooms are synced to the Antelope Isochrone 10M Atomic Reference Generator and Trinity Master Clock. The best master clocking source in digital audio today!

Studio B

Studio B is a small editing and music production room equipped with Protools 10 and is perfect for smaller budget projects for mixing, editing, overdubs. Also a great songwriting room. This studio can also be used as an additional Protools room for editing or whatever else you need it for while using Studio A, making this room the perfect compliment to speed up your work flow. Boasting a new Apollo 16 interface with tons of UAD plug ins! Also an all API recording chain with a Soundelux U99 microphone for vocals. Studio B also has a nice collection of virtual instruments and hardware keyboards to enhance your productions.